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Scoresaver 2 golf record keeping and analysis software is for golfers of all levels who want to play better golf.

What gets measured gets done. Scoresaver 2 records all your golf rounds, matchplay results, lessons and practice sessions. Then handicap-adjusted key statistics show you exactly what you are doing well and what you need to focus on to lower your score. 

Entering strokeplay, matchplay, or stableford rounds is straightforward and fast. You can enter every detail of a round in under a minute. You can even enter partial rounds. Scoresaver 2 is a fully featured computer application written to run at blistering speed.

Scoresaver 2 is simple to install on any PC with a Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP operating system (64bit and 32 bit) and will operate, forever, without any registration requirements or advertising.

Download Scoresaver 2 now and try it. Or carry on reading to find out more.

Scoresaver 2 is now free software

It is no longer viable to carry on selling Scoresaver 2 due to a combination of factors including the proliferation of mobile devices, payment processing costs and web hosting system updates which would require a complete rewrite of our registration system. 

Scoresaver 2 is still, in our opinion, the best software for recording and analysing your golf and we have spent hundreds of hours, writing thousands of lines of code to make it the best.

We want to let golfers use Scoresaver 2 and we can't sell it economically, so we are making it available without charge.

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